Around Campus

Last week the Photo Media class was out on campus working on photographing strangers, getting caption info from them, and getting over their nervousness. It gave me a chance to walk around campus to make some of my own images in the late winter light.

Indian Mountain and ISU



Class Field Work in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

As mentioned in our previous post, recently the Photo Media class was in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, attempting to capture the essence of the place through photographs. The gallery below highlights some of my students’ shots I found interesting and accomplished the objectives. The class did a great job!

ISU Photo Media “Zip Code Project”

Once again the ISU Photo Media class traveled to Lava Hot Springs to conduct field work resulting in their “Zip Code Project”. The purpose of this project is to visually capture a sense of place and is patterned after a similar activity conducted some years ago by the National Geographic.

A Sense of Place

This week our Photo Media class was conducting field work at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, a small tourist town built on year-round mineral hot springs. Warmed by the same lava activity that powers the famous geysers of nearby Yellowstone National Park, Lava Hot Springs is conveniently nestled in the Portneuf River valley in Bannock County. Photo students were here replicating the ZipUSA project, which had been done several times in the National Geographic magazine. This field work gave photojournalist students the opportunity to hone both their photo and interviewing skills on a lovely spring day in the Rockies!

Here’s some shots of the students about town and my own B&W interpretation of Lava Hot Springs:

Modifying the Light

Photo Media students recently practiced diffusing light for environmental portraits while using a 5-n-1 reflector kit. Amy Millward adjusts the diffusion disc to soften the harsh Idaho sun on Dustin Nicholas.

Amy Millward holds a diffusion disc during a portrait session with Dustin Nicholas.

Amy Millward holds a diffusion disc during a portrait session with Dustin Nicholas.

Breaking the Ice: Photographing and Interviewing Strangers

This past week our Photo Media class had its first outing and their assignment was to photograph and interview strangers on the street. Sometimes this can be intimidating, but, often times in this business we need to professionally engage people we don’t know. Hence, this exercise. Below are shots of some students I caught up with on campus doing their project and there’s a few shots of my own. Occasionally, I need to challenge myself with the same exercises I give my students!